(2014) Tarzan the Stage Musical

Tarzan poster

Artistic Team:

Liz Yoder, Director

Emily Baltzer, Music Director

Hannah Janssen, Choreographer

Greg & Lori Bunce, Artistic Directors


Young Terk    Joey Leibig
Terk    Trevor Bunce
Young Tarzan    Isaiah Nelson
Tarzan    Alec Leonard
Jane    Sharayah Bunce
Porter    Tom Smith
Kala    Bethany Jackson
Kerchak    Hastings Reeves
Clayton    Ben Witt
Snipes    Josiah Roberts
Tarzan’s Mother    Kristen Blatchley
Tarzan’s Father    Chris Blatchley
Leopard    Bailey Parenteau

Dance Captains:

Bailey Parenteau, Fuechee Kong, Diana Lemanski

Dance Core:

Chris Blatchley, Kristen Blatchley, Carter Grimes, Desiree Grimes, Isabella Smentana, Rosalee Allard, Forrest Anderson Mares, Jessica Flemming, Philip Alberts, Nate Stevens

Plants & Butterflies:

Diana Lemanski, Desiree Grimes, Tracy Swenson, Dariya Kimmes, Nate Stevens, Philip Alberts, Isabella Smentana, Julie Leibig, Ali Anselmo, Jessica Flemming

Gorilla/Monkey Family Chorus:

Lori Bunce Chris Blatchley Katy Humnick
Tracy Swenson Kristen Blatchley Abby Stevens
Eryn Farrens Gannon Farrens Elijah Plaep
Miles Farrens Fuechee Kong Ellie Walton
Rosalee Allard Matt Savage Julie Leibig
Isabelle Smetana Olivia Smetana Desiree Grimes
Carter Grimes Krista Kastle Cindy Roberts
Kylie Dietsche Sitara Roden Nathan Roberts
Beth Trombley Philip Alberts Dariya Kimmes
Bailey Parenteau Sam Trombley Cadia Gren
Nate Stevens Diana Lemanski Isaac Haugen
Grace Lowe Emma Lowe Katie Kisler
Ali Anselmo Jessica Flemming Forrest Anderson Mares
Isaiah Nelson Josh Stevens Rachel Roe
Alexa Lindstrom Elliot Lindstrom



Read thru Monday, May 26.  Rehearsals begin Tuesday, May 27

(Note:  we generally rehearse Mon-Fri, but in June not everyone is here every night, and we take the 4th of July weekend off to enjoy with family & friends.  On July 7-31, count on rehearsing Monday – Friday, with some Saturdays or Sundays.)


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