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Thank you to all who auditioned! We were so impressed by the talent of every single performer.  This decision was labored and long. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we have made our final casting choices.

We are very excited for the summer! You will receive an email about the first week of rehearsals by next week, and you will receive the full rehearsal schedule on the first evening of rehearsal.

Thank you again!

Sharayah Bunce         Marina Fisher               Lori Bunce                       Greg Bunce
Director                       Music Director              Executive Director         Artistic Director


Wendy Darling        …              Rose Eerdmans
John Darling            …              Ian Handeland
Michael Darling       …              Wyatt Bjugstad
Mr. Darling              …               Greg Bunce
Mrs. Darling            …               Judy Winship
Liza the Maid            …             Kendall Winship
Nana the Nurse       …              Emma Lowe
Jane, Wendy’s daughter…        Marie Peterson



Peter Pan               …                Hannah Kuduk
Tinker Bell               …               Lillian Mills
Peter’s Shadow       …               Nate Stevens
Slightly                    …                Bethany Lee
Tootles                   …                 Mateo Wegner
Nibs                        …                 Julia Humphrey
Curley                     …                 Leighton Bimberg
First Twin                …                Judah Neel
Second Twin           …                Jonathan Kolacz

Lost Boys Ensemble
Josie Dopp
Maddy Fahey
Alexa Lindstrom
Elliot Lindstrom
Emma Lowe
Mary McGinty
Maggie Miller



Captain Hook          …             Todd Handeland
Smee                     …                Nate Stevens
Starkey                   …               Kale Winship
Cecco                     …               Harold Roberts
Noodler                   …              Jonathan Grommesh
Mullins                    …               Jessica Stonehouse
Bill Jukes                …               Reece Dvorak
Crocodile/Pirate       …             Tyler Turnquist

Pirates Ensemble
Cecelia Bronson
Greg Bunce
Lauren Dahl
Sophie Frigerio
Liz Lehrkamp
Emma Schindler
Grace Schindler
Anja Thorton
Krista Walcher
Faith Winship
Judy Winship
Kendall Winship



Tiger Lily                 …           Grace Halme

Native Ensemble
Katie Bogle
Emma Brinker
Kylie Dietsche
Amanda Horn
Claire Kalscheuer
Rebekah Kolacz
Grace Kuduk
Allison Kuehn
Aspen Layer
Grace Lowe
Caroline Lyngen
Sophia Morri
Alice Ottenstroer
Marie Peterson
Grace Marie Plotts
Mary Ana Plotts


Kids’ Ensemble

Emma Adams
Kelsey Elkins
Makayla Elkins
Kate England
Lily England
Elsie Erickson
Orson Fabb
Gannon Farrens
Miles Farrens
Annika Johnson
Elise Lehrkamp
Bella Lewis
Marcelo Mena
Hilary Roman
Abby Rynders
Catherine Schindler
Abigail Thomas


If you auditioned for Peter Pan, but you don’t see your name above, please email immediately!


CAST!  Adults are invited to our annual fundraiser on May 20!  If you are an adult and would like to come help us raise money for Peter Pan, or if you are a child/teen and would like to invite your parents or grandparents to come, please do so!  They just need to RSVP on the link below!

Annual Fundraiser

May 20, 2017
6-9 pm

Phenow Pavillion at Central Park, Maple Grove

See Event Details!

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